Where is Cuzco

Cusco, the Navel of the World. This is the city that the Inca’s and even the Spaniards once considered the capital of Peru and even South America. Being the oldest city still existing in South America, this is obviously a centre of regional history and culture. Being still the constitutional Capital of Peru, the new city is built on the ancient Inca city, giving the city a unique combination and architectural style. You can see the typical Spanish colonial buildings and patios constructed with blocks cut by the Inca for other buildings. Most of the ancient Inca buildings do not exist anymore but the foundations which in many cases where to heavy or big for the Spaniards to destroy remain. The Spaniards also gained a fondness for the Inca style and started using some of the details in their own buildings.

The Plaza De Armas in Cusco


The city is full of beautiful plazas and small cobblestone streets. Being a tourism centre in South America, it is also home to some of the greatest shopping areas for artisanal products and clothing. Cusco being a place visisted by a large variety of tourists, also offer the benefits of a tourist city, good restaurants and great nightlife.


Furthermore, besides all the beauty Cusco itself has to offer the region is equally rich of things to see and do. Hiking, rafting, mountain biking and visiting all the ancient sites nearby, Pisac, Ollantaytambo and of course Machu Picchu, all this can be done based in Cusco.


Being such a diverse city, Cusco of course invite you to stay additional days to enjoy the great shopping the city has to offer. Typical Andean weaving, pottery and jewellery, it can all be found here on one street. A city like this would not be complete without a enticing offer of nice and special hotels. The Monasterio Hotel in Cusco, probably the best known 5* hotel of the country after the Sanctuary Lodge at the site of Machu Picchu, is built in an ancient monastery in the city centre. Another very highly recommended 5* hotel is La Casona by Inkaterra. Other great hotels & Spa’s can be found in the Sacred Valley. Surrounded by the beautiful and tranquil environment of this valley with its mild climate, you will find some of the best hotels in Peru and even South America at only an hour drive from the imperial city Cusco.


Being such a travelled city, obviously Cusco is one of the major transport hubs of the region, having good road, rail and air connection with Lima, Arequipa, Puno and La Paz. So although most people never have to ask where is cusco , when you get here it will still take you a long time to discover all the history and beauty that this city has to offer.

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