Cuzco museums


Surprisingly, for being a city with such history and cultural background, the city does not possess a large number of museums. The reason for this is partially the fact that Cuzco was robbed from many of its mayor artifacts throughout the centuries and many of the most important pieces that did surface are now in Lima or foreign museums. The few Cuzco Museums that are present, two are well worthwhile mentioning: The Museum of Pre Colombian Art and the Museum of Qoricancha. There are other smaller Cuzco Museums such as the chocolate museum but we will focus on the larger historical Cuzco Museums.


Museum of Pre Colombian Art:

This is probably the most famous of all Cuzco museums; this art museum is dedicated to the display of archaeological artifacts and examples of pre-Columbian artworks drawn from all regions of pre-Columbian Peru. The museum is situated on Plaza Nazarenas in Cusco's San Blas district, and has on permanent display exhibitions of some 450 individual representative artifacts that are drawn from the wider collection of its parent museum, the Larco Museum in the Peruvian capital Lima.


The Museum of the Site of Qoricancha:

This underground archaeological museum contains numerous interesting pieces, including mummies, textiles and sacred idols from the site.

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