Cusco weather | Cusco Peru weather

The Cusco weather is mainly dominated by the influence of the Andean highlands climate. The Cusco weather is officially known as a subtropical highland climate. Its climate is generally dry and temperate, with two defined seasons. The dry season lasts from April through mid November, with abundant sunshine, and occasional night time freezes. July is the coolest month with an average of 9.6 °C. The wet season lasts from end November to end March, with night frost less common and the Cusco weather in general warmer where November averages 13.4 °C. Although frost and hail are common, snow is virtually unheard of. In the months July and August, strong winds can sometimes set up during the day, making the Cusco weather somewhat chillier at times. In general one can say that for most of the year the Cusco weather is quite agreeable, especially during the day when you have a blue sky with plenty of strong sun and maybe some distant clouds between the mountains.

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