Machu Picchu weather | weather in Machu Picchu

Located at about 1000 meters lower than Cusco and getting closer to the Amazon Rainforest just 100 kilometers away, the weather in Machu Picchu is very unpredictable. The weather of machu picchu is a combination of weather effects from the highlands mixed with the effects of the Amazon basin below, it is mild climate in relation to temperature but can be very humid at times. The Machu Picchu weather is dominated by cloud formations caused by the weather shock between the highland colder winds and the humidity coming from the tropical jungle area. This results in the fact that the Machu Picchu weather suffers from a lot of cloud forming at times, even at times blocking out the whole site. It can also give Machu Picchu an even more mysterious feel when the clouds move slowly over the ridges of this impressive site. The weather in Machu Picchu can therefore change rapidly as well, with bright days in the morning with hardly a cloud on the sky and temperatures well into 20°C and quite quickly change in the afternoon with clouds setting in and temperatures falling with the winds picking up.


Machu Picchu National Park in the rainy season


In general the weather in Machu Picchu knows two seasons, the wet and the dry season. The winter time is when there is more rain in the area. These are the months from December through March. In February the INC, the National Cultural Institute, closes down the Inca Trail as well for being too dangerous and to use the time to do maintenance and cleaning operations. The dry season would be from mainly April to November, but especially in the beginning and end you can never exclude some rain in the evenings and even during the day. Normally the weather in Machu Picchu is clearest in the months June, July and August. Nevertheless the weather in Machu Picchu does definitely contribute to the magic and beauty of this amazing site.

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