Chilean Patagonia


  • That Tierra del Fuego (Fireland) received its name from Charles Darwin, who when passing through this region on one of his first expeditions saw that the local indigenous(Yaganes)always had a fire with them in their fishing canoes.

  • The claim for the "World's Southernmost City" has always been disputed between Chile and Argentina. The city of Ushuaia is definitely the biggest Southernmost City, but as Puerto Williams, located south of Ushuaia on navarine Island, is being considered a city this is geographically seen the worlds Southernmost city. On the same Island there is also a small fishing village called Puerto Torro which is the Southernmost settlement on the planet.


Chilean Patagonia

The Chilean part of Patagonia embraces the complete Eastern Part of Patagonia and includes the southern provinces and regions of Valdivia, Los Lagos Region and Greater Island of Chiloé, Puerto Montt and the Archaeological site of Monte Verde, and also the islands south to the regions of Aisén and Magallanes, including the west side of Tierra del Fuego and Cape Horn.


Torres del Paine National Park


Located on such an extreme location on the globe, this part of the world offers all the dramatic landscape one would expect from the world's ultimate land's end. Here the South American continent ends in a cacophony of islands, glaciers, icebergs and mountains. It is truly one of Mother Nature’s grand finales.


Hiking in Torres del Paine National Park


Chilean Patagonia is itself composed of two sub-regions; the northern Aisen and, to its south, Magallanes. Aisen is home to Parque National Laguna San Rafael, while Magellanes hosts the incomparable Parque National Torres del Paine. Isolated from the rest of Chile by fierce storms and impassable mountains, Magellanes can be reached only by air or overland from Argentina.


View on isla navarino from Puerto Bandera


The capital of the region of Magellanes is the city of Punta Arenas, which first became prosperous during the California gold rush. Here you will also find the only larger airport in the area. At about 4 hours driving from Punta Arenas you can find Puerto Natales, the entrance gate to the famous Torres del Paine National Park. Torres del Paine, a spectacular mountain range, which frames the Park of the same name, the Cuernos del Paine, with their distinct shapes, Mount Fritz Roy,


Mount Fritz Roy


the hypnotic waterfalls of Salto Chico and Salto Grande, the Grey, Pingo, del Frances and Dickson glaciers; the Pehoe, Nordenskjold, Sarmiento, Pingo and Dickson lakes; and the Verde and Azul lagoons. All of these can be visited during a stay in the park. In the park there are several lodges and luxury hotels that provide people with great views and excursions during the day and all the warmth and luxury of a 5* hotel in the evening. Of course it is also possible to do multi day hikes in the park visiting some or most of the above mentioned sites. Being such a great destination, it is no wonder that the park can be quite busy in the high season, but if you would go in the between seasons, you can have days that you feel like you are all alone in the park.


The Torres del Paine


The most popular route to see the park is hiking the “W” called after the route you would follow. This route takes about 5 unforgettable days of hiking and includes at least 3 nights of camping.

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