Our Satisfied Customers

Yvonne & Patrizio Lamanna

We really enjoyed our tours and will Definitely book through Sato tours again. We will be happy to refer your company to our friends and family ! Thanks Stephen for all your help. You provided us with excellent service! Have a great year! Yvonne and Patrizio

Jerry Martin

We were very pleased with you and your agency. All hotels were fine for the price as asked for moderately priced hotels.One thing is you should consider age and ask for a persons physical condition. We will recommend you to all our friends.

Wendy Smith & Anissa Matthews

We are very pleased with everything. Tour guides were very knowledgeable. Seppe thank you for our requested changes. We really appreciate it.

Barbara Ann Tierney & Amanda Martin

Stephen was an excellent representative. He always answered our emails within a matter of hours and kept us constantly up to date on the process. When we ran into a bit of a confusion upon arrival, he met us at our hotel, immediately calming us of all fears and worries we had at the time. It was very comforting knowing help was a phone call away if we needed it. All of our tour guides were fantastic but we have to give a very special kudos to Jaime, our Amazon guide. He did everything he could to be sure we would see most of what we came to see. He was so knowledgable about everything and his love of his work and of the rainforest was very evident! Plus, as a bonus, they even baked me a birthday cake!Refugio was fantastic! Amazing food, very clean, very hospitable staff and never once did we feel any concern about the fact that there were no doors to lock or even close. We felt very safe here. Prisma - also wonderful. The front desk staff were extremely helpful anytime we had questions. The rooms were clean and the views of Cusco were breathtaking!! Most other hotels were great too - we found it so kind that the hotels provided us with bagged breakfasts if we were leaving before they started serving it. We had a phenomenal trip and would like to extend many thanks to Stephen for putting up with us and putting together such a great trip. Our only suggestion would be that Americana try to communicate better with the tourists about what is happening - it's very unnverving to hear frantic conversations in Spanish followed by "umm our plans are changing - walk with me." That said, I again appreciate the fact that they have many, many tour groups and tours occuring daily. This was absolutely, without a doubt, the best trip we've ever gone on and was definitely a trip of a lifetiem.

Bridget, Trevor & Jackson Sevigny

Seppe was instrumental to the success of our journey. Paloma (Cusco guide) was excellent in helping us deal with my husband's sickness and transportation and everything. Gabriel in the Jungle was so very knowledgeable and great with our son. Juan in Lima was very kind and with such a nice familiar face for all our Lima transportation. Grettle (Cusco contact, I may have her name wrong) was also wonderful. We had such a great trip. Thank you so much.

Svetlana Gelman

Thank you very much for the complimentary upgrade to QP hotel. I´m having great time in Peru and big part of it because of your support and carring.

Leigh Clack & Samuel McRae

All good except ride from Ollaytantumbo to Cusco - driver was a bit rude. Hike portion was incredible but very difficult, even for experienced hikers.Go ahead and include bus ticket to Macchu Picchu in price - after a 4 day hike, no one wanted to walk up there from Aguas Calientes. This was a trip that we will never forget - the adventure of a lifetime. Thank you for making it happen with such short notice.Overall trip was fantastic, especially with less than a week to plan. Seppe was great at planning, suggesting, responding, and changing plans as needed.

Nancy Ann Gale & Daniel Paul Ortega

Seppe,we absolutely loved it and all went smoothly. Your planning was really well done and we both appreciated how really responsive you were while we we trying to make our decisionsl. We loved Cusco and it occured to us on the last day there that your office is in Cusco. We started out to come by to thank you, but I think either we got a little lost or your office was not open. We haven't been through our pictures yet, but if there is something great, we'll send it on. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend you to anyone we know who is thinking about a trip to Peru. While I put Machu Picchu as our favorite tour, I wanted to tell you that the culinary tour was an absolutely fabulous experience. It was fascinating to see fruits and vegetables that were totally new to me. Mercedes and Nelson were so gracious, Being in their home and getting to cook in their kitchen gave us insight to real life in Peru. Danny practiced his Spanish but I didn't have any problem communicating. Food is a pretty universal language and where I ran into questions, both Enriques were there to help translate. One of the reasons you didn't hear from me sooner is that Danny got back from a couple of days of work on Sunday and Monday we had guests for a Peruvian dinner. Danny made pisco sours for all of us and I made ceviche and Loma Saltado. Mercedes was a good teacher! I have filled out the form. Nancy

Somsak Atiakkchai

Thank you for the excellant service SATO.

Merle & Valerie Burton

We have some friends from Australia that are coming to Peru next year, we will pass on your email and the details of our trip..Thanks again you were very helpful, exceptional as a tour-cordinator and answered all our questions in a timely manner.We have some friends from Australia that are coming to Peru next year, we will pass on your email and the details of our trip.. Thanks again you were very helpful, exceptional as a tour-cordinator and answered all our questions in a timely manner. Regards Merle and Valerie

Serene Ruan

Stephen has been a marvelous help to us. We made changes to our itinerary on several occasions, yet he is prompt and efficient in handling our enquires.Our Driver in Lima was excellent. It was our first night from Airport to Lima Hotel. He spoke simple English and gave us short introduction of Lima City.The guides for Buenos Aires City Tour, Machu Picchu, Cusco were marvelous. They provided detailed explanation of the history, culture etc... Some improvement can be made for Lake Titicaca, Rio city tour. The tour was conducted mainly in Spanish. English explanation was thought to be too simplified.Although Qelqatani Inn is 3* hotel, they have good services. Excellent service at their restaurant. We had a great experience in Latin America. Thank you for the coordination.

Arijit Chanda

First of we would like to thank you for arranging an impeccable itinerary and giving us an unforgettable experience!! All of us enjoyed the trip to the fullest and would definitely like to come back to this beautiful country again.. Overall the hotels,flights, bookings, guides, activities were really great, punctual and friendly. We did not have any problem in terms of the knowing what to do next and whom to contact. There would always be one person waiting for us at every stop.. Last but not the least we are so impressed and happy with SATO that we are already recommending you guys to our friends and co-workers. ALso in the coming years we are planning a trip to brazil so maybe you could help us then too..!!

Mrs. Elizabeth Duarte & Mr. David Faes


Seppe was great during the whole booking process, answered all my questions and replied to my e-mails very quickly, could not b more satisfied.Juan Cadenillas was awesome in Lima,he stayed with us until we checked in at the aiport for our flight to cusco and walked with us almost all the way to the gate ( until he could not go any farther) which I thought was amazing and was always there waiting for us, even when our flight was 3 hours late from the usa. Boris is cusco was also great, he ended up running after the taxi after my husband noticed his phone fell out of his pants pocket in the car, that was very niced of his part,and got his phone when I already had accepted the fact that his phone was gone forever, always on time also. Raul in Ica taught us a lot about Peru's and Ica's agriculture,and the nazca lines.He also made sure we got on our flight to the nazca lines on time before our bus to Lima.Cruz del Sur was great! best bus I have been on in my entire life, I could travel with them fo a whole week very easily, so comfortable! Thank you so much for an amazing trip, I feel blessed and very lucky to have been able to have such an amazing experience in Peru due to your fantastic SATO team!

Lynn Leila Shokry

Thank you so much for a wonderful tour. Extremely well organized, and went like clockwork. Although I was travelling by myself, I always felt that in case of difficulties I had connections through your office and the other organizers. Thank you again.

Alison Winterhalter

Thank you for a wonderful vacation to Peru! Everything ran smoothly and we were very impressed by how well-organized all of the transfers, hotels, and tickets were. Everyone was very friendly and helpful. We saw so many amazing sites and cities! Thank you SATO (especially Seppe) for organizing an unforgettable vacation for us! We would not hesitate to recommend this company to our family and friends!

Leonardo Pena

Overall it was a nice trip and it was very well organized, thank you.

Dudley Medchill

In Hatuchay hotel, we had checked out, but they let us have an hour in the hotel to clean up after our hike to Huayna Picchu. This was a day rate. We had a 15 hour layover in Lima and had a day rate right at the airport. You maybe able to let travelers know about this option(based on availability). It would not cost SATO, other than tips for travel.The trip was a trip of a lifetime and we can't thank you enough for the tours, the people you have, and the itinerary was PERFECT!! Thank you so much!! People at work are already talking about going and wanting your information. Feel free to contact me if I can help with more questions. Thanks again, Dudley Medchill

Siegfried May

Dear Seppe, You can not ask more about travel information than what you provided. You were flexible and very responsive to our additional requests. The documents provided proved to give us a pretty good idea of what to expect. The excursions arranged by SATO were between very good and excellent. It is really difficult to pick one favorit. Among the excellent excursions were the Lima city tour, the Nasca Line flight,Colca Canyon,tour of Lake Titicaca and tour of Machu Picchu. The Cusco city tour and Sacred Valley tour had a lot of excellent moments but might leave more time for surrounding sites (no time for Puka Pukara and Q'engo and only one hour time for Pisac market). The guides on these tours very fascinating.The buffet in Urubamba was the best, but the other lunch buffets were hardly behind-very good selection. Congratulations Seppe- you made Peru a fascinating experience.You were simly the best in the trip preparation and the reality exceeded our expectations. We felt being in good hands during our trip.

Melissa Schwartz

Seppe is a true professional. We were truly impressed that he took the time to personally greet us upon our arrival in Cusco. Never a wait for a transfer which was quite remarkable. Extra kudos to Jimmy!!Darwin lead the Machu Picchu tour and was an awesome guide! We had Edwin for both the Cusco and the Sacred Valley tours - nice guy but a bit too much of opinionated commentary. The Puno guides were excellent also. Jimmy is a keeper!The service at Torreblanca was Excellent. The views and grounds of Iskay and the overall charm of Ollantaytambo won iver our hearts. We were so glad we made this an overnight stop on our itinerary. Although we prefer the charm of the older colonial hotels, the comfortable king size bed at the Eco Inn was welcome at the end of our trip.Overall the best planned tour experience we've had in any country. Seppe and his team of tour operators are best-in-class and I won't hesitate to recommend SATOs services to anyone in the future! Many thanks!

Anali Lins

At times we felt a little rushed by the guides. I think there was too much time spent talking, instead of giving us the opportunity to walk the grounds. Also, it may be helpful to take into consideration, that those having a hard time with the altitude may require to go at a slower pace. Machu Pichu was amazing, although I felt we could have caught an earlier train.The overall trip was wonderful. Jimmy was an excellent contact to have; he was extremely helpful and very nice to work with.

Elizabeth Vickery

My questions were answered very clearly and quickly by Stephen Morrissey.I have a lot respect for drivers in Peru. I don't mind visiting Peru, but I wish the authorities would better the trafic there.All of the excursions were amazing. I felt at home when I was in Midori, the staff was very friendly and helpful. My family was sad when it was time to leave.

Aubreya Adams

Pre-planing was so good we had no questions.Everyone was there to meet us at the appointed times and the drivers always knew where to take us. Again, a day of leisure, or a day with the Lima city tour at the beginning of the tour would be highly recommended if time permits. I would recommend this and leave out the whole day of leasure in Cusco at the end of the tour.

Joann Palmer

Attention of the SATO staff was excellent and was very reassuring. I was even able to move up a floight and still was met at the airport.

Tamara Wright

Tour guides for these 2 tours were incredible. Having a history professor as a tour guide in Cusco was quite impressive. That was definitely unexpected and we were very happy he provided very detailed answers to our questions. And he was quite fun as well. :) Having tour guide in Machu Picchu with 11 years of experience in providing tours was awesome. His experience made the visit truly awesome and unforgettable. Without Seppe Bleukx's knowledge and expertise in Peru and Bolivia we would not have such a memorable and wonderful experience. We would recommend SATO to anyone we know who decides to visit Peru or any country in South America. I had a pleasure to meet Seppe in Cusco and want to thank him for personally apologize for a mishap at the beginning of our trip. That was the one and only mishap! He also provided us with the lunch as a way to apologize. Lunch was fantastic and food was incredible in a wonderful little restaurant he recommended. Even our tour guide was impressed as he never met anyone from agency. He thought we must have been some very VIP's! As he explained Very Inca People. :) This is how customer service should be done. Our very big thank you and gratitude to SATO agency and especially to Seppe! We will highly recommend SATO. Best regards and many thanks for our incredible vacation in Peru and Bolivia Tamara and Bevan

Janice Manias

all pickups were prompt and the assistants spoke English well and were very helpful and knew the answers to our questions. Boris was especially helpful.Really enjoyed the Church in Cusco and of course Machu Pichu. Lima tour was also good.Royal Inn in Puno room was fantastic - even had a wood fireplace and great bathtub.All hotels were very clean and did provide breakfasts early in the morning. I would upgrade hotels if I returned to Peru. Otherwise we felt it was a fantastic trip. We enjoyed everything and had a great time. Really appreciate Seppe's help and assistance and he did a great job planning our trip and organizing all phases of the trip. We did not have to worry about our transfers and it all went well. Have already recommended Seppe to our friends and will continue to do so. Thanks for a great holiday.

Fran Smalley

The guide was exceptionally well informed and personable. The only hotel that we found objectionable was EL SOL. It's not really a hotel at all, but a hostel. No real breakfast. No amenities. Poorly lit. Nothing good to say about it.

Susan Jeffries

I never worked directly with our sales representative. Our itinerary was detailed and I was impressed with the contact information we had for each part of our journey. I enjoyed visiting the ruins and important sites in and around Cusco as well as the Sacred Valley tour the next day. Our guide Patricia was my favorite of the trip. Not only was she knowledgeable but she spoke english very well, we could joke and not have it get lost in translation. Every place we stayed was nice. The rooms were clean and the staff was friendly and helpful.

Myra King

Seppe went beyond the call of duty when I was hospitalized and he along with his beautiful girlfriend visited me during my moment of durest. All in all the trip was amazing. My sister was hospitlized in Cusco, Seppe went above and beyond his duties when he showed up at the hospital and made certain we checked she checked out ok and made it back to the hotel. His kindness was will always be remembered.

David Tinsley

I can't believe it has been three months since my son and I went on the trip you set up for us. Thank you for a very enjoyable opportunity. We really enjoyed ourselves and look forward to the next time we have a chance to visit Peru. I've attached a photo of my son and me at Macchu Picchu, a photo that you were instrumental in orchestrating.

Barbara Garcia

I thought the best knowlege guide was the Sacred Valley guide. Personality we really connected with Clever, real classie guy. Carlos was nice but I had a hard time understanding him sometimes and he repeated the same things too many times, but what a sweet heart. The Cusco City Tour guide was a very hard worker, did not cut corners even in the rain. We also enjoyed Geraldine in Lima.....felt bad because we tipped her the least because of ATM problems. I find that most drivers, hotel staff and coordinators were generally very accommodating and appreciative.

William Edward Carrier

You did an excellent job in providing us with information about our tour.All of the hotels you provided were very good. I mention El Santuario del Inka because the staff, and the manager were particularly helpful. I was not feeling well, and after we checked out of the hotel, the manager provided me with another room, without cost, to rest for the remainder of the day. He was very nice.You provided us with an excellent vacation. Each time we were to meet someone, that person was there, and was friendly. Your work made our trip easy and enjoyable. I hope to use you again on a future trip.

Joseph Vecchio

The entire tour was excellent. I worked with Seppe to get the exact itinerary that I wanted.We had a couple of problems with the transfers which got remedied without creating any delays for my tour.The guide at Machu Pichu was really excellent. That's not to say that the others weren't good, he just seemed to take that extra time with questions and showing us little extra things along the way.All of the accomodations were just excellent.

Richard, Bonnie & Michelle Kirchner

Everything was perfectly planned. Stephen was extremely helpful all the way up to and throughout the trip. Accomodations were made for us, changes in plans were expidited quickly, and all travel information was clear and specific.

Dave Curtin

I have taken multiple family spring vacations in the past 10 years, always into remote areas in which I needed help with planning and communicating in foreign languages. For this year trip to Peru and the Amazon I made contact with 10 different agents until I found Seppe at SATO. Seppe's was awesome as compared to other agents I have worked through in the past and evaluated.His attention to detail, ability to put together the exact trip I wanted and continual communication with me by email and phone was simply fantastic. Also Seppe's english verbal and in writing is very good which again makes working through him very easy. For next year our family is thinking abouta vacationto Panama, I know the agent I will go to for setting this up! Thanks for a job well done Seppe!

Judith Pickle

Well orchestrated. All of the connections were perfect. Accomodations first rate.We might have been guilty of trying to squeeze in too much, but overall the trip was fantastic thanks to you and your associates. Jimmy Antony was superb. He popped up everywhere and made it all happen flawlessly. Juan in Lima was a wonder in the Lima airport and a great driver. Our guides in Machu Picchu and Cusco were the best.

Sasha Bashkatova

Dear SATO,

My husband and I recently returned from our first trip to South America. Our travels in Peru were absolutely hassle-free because of Seppe's exceptional customer service! I counted over 40 emails between Seppe and me, ranging from his gentle reminders to renew our passports to my requests for last minute tour changes. Not only did my husband and I receive a detailed itinerary before embarking on our adventure, but while we explored Peru, Seppe guaranteed that our hosts and guides left messages with the hotel clerks whenever there were updates. From Lima's warm coastline in Miraflores to the relaxing stay at Ollantaytambo's serene El Albergue hotel, and, of course, to the unforgettably breathtaking Machu Picchu trek, our journey was absolutely perfect. I feel that my vacation was worth much more than the final cost of our Peru trip. I have no misgivings about recommending your company -- and Seppe! -- to my coworkers, my friends, and my family. I also intend to use your company's services in the future. Again, thank you so much for the outstanding service and an awesome trip!

Rushi Trivedi (USA)

Seppe is a very professional travel person. He knows Peru very well. Right from our first pick-up at Lima, Airport on 03/31/12 to last drop at Lima on 04/08/12, everything was so PERFECT that it amazed our whole family. We travelled with two kids and us and we had FANTASTIC time. We did NOT WASTE any singe minute in any kind of WAIT. Hotels were nice, especially one in Sacred Valley. Next time when I plan South America tour, Seppe you are my agent. We need more Seppes in world to make travel easier. THANK YOU.

Raffaello & William (Florida)

Our drivers were always there for us. They were pleasant and knowledgable. They made it easy for us to travel from one place to another.All of the hotels you provided were very good. I mention El Santuario del Inka because the staff, and the manager were particularly helpful. I was not feeling well, and after we checked out of the hotel, the manager provided me with another room, without cost, to rest for the remainder of the day. He was very nice.You provided us with an excellent vacation. Each time we were to meet someone, that person was there, and was friendly. Your work made our trip easy and enjoyable. I hope to use you again on a future trip.

Erik Deckers (Amsterdam)

The whole family was surprised with the complete and professional service we received from everyone during our holiday. The guides, drivers and hotel staff were all great. We could not say a thing word about any of the hotels you chose for us but we especially enjoyed the Pueblo hotel – thanks for the recommendation! When we arrived back in Lima, we all wished we could stay longer and visit some more of Peru. We are definitely thinking of coming back to Peru and will for sure do this second trip with SATO!! I would especially like to thank Seppe for all his in-time responses and Steve for helping out with the flight change in Juliaca on our last day. Keep up the good work!

Jane and Henry (Michigan)

Had a few problems with the altitude but beside that was really well organized , thanks seppe.

Ulrike Brocks (Sweden)

Arrived to Lima and was greeted by i think Juan, really nice guy who also organized our Tour around Lima including a culinary tour where the food was amazing, i was surprised by the diversity of the food here. We then went to cusco and machu picchu with a trip to the sacred valley and lake titicaca. You wont believe how unusual it is to see people living on reed islands. Thanks Stephen so much and i fully recommend this company, perfect in every way, just so sorry to have to go home and back to real life, but there is always 2011 to go again, talk soon for our next trip.

Jen Finch (Washington)

We just returned from our trip, tired but on a complete high, we had a great time exploring your great country and your tour guides spoke not only amazing english but were so fluent they actually made jokes with us and told us some unusual stories as we travelled along. I can still picture in my head entering Machu Picchu and it still puts a smile on my face, great great great. Thanks so much for your help and i am sure your company will be number one for a long time, keep up the great work.

Peter Jones (Texas)

Simply put we had an amazing time and we are coming back, thanks so much seppe for the time and effort about what was expected to make this an amazing trip. 5 star

Bernie Wells (Great Britain)

Simply put the trip was WONDERFUL and will remain with me for many reasons, we did think about organizing the trip ourselves but now i can safetly say it was more relaxed having PTO on board, the trip was amazing, we had one issue with Americana at the airport, they were there but couldnt find us, we gave a quick ring to PTO and the guide was with us within 5 mins, the rest of the trip was simply amazing and there was so much to see and experiece. We had heard of the amazing sanctuary lodge at Machu Picchu and our sales rep told us that he recommended that we stay in the Machu Picchu Peublo Hotel as the sanctuary lodge was over rated. We really appreciated not just booking the trip but the little pieces of advice that our sales rep had for us, for me this is what makes a trip, thumbs up for Peru Travels Online.

Geoffrey & Mary (Colorado)

We decided that for christmas we wanted something different from the usual turkeys and puddings so we decided to try out a completely different country and style and we went for Peru. Although somewhat we felt courageous we had our worries about the whole thing but after speaking with Seppe after only 10 mins he put our mind at rest, we spent christmas day in cusco and although it was crazy to say the least it was an amazing experience and it was organized to the highest level. Next year maybe argentina? well we will be going with Peru Travels Online again , thanks so much seppe and hope you had a great christmas too

Anne Beckers (Holland)

In August we travelled with Peru Travels Online (part of South America Online) to Peru. For a long time we wanted to see Machu Picchu and we decided it is now or never (we are in our fifties). We got in touch with Peru travels online and from the first phone call they were very helpful. Our travel expert was Steve and he did a wonderful job answering the load of questions we had for him. He helped us pick the best time, find the best flights and organized a great 14 day holiday. For us the highlights were of course Machu Picchu, but Lake Titacaca and Colca (where we had amazing guides) were definitely the other favorites. The entire trip was perfectly organized and the hotels recommend more than worth the money. We especially enjoyed the Aranwa Hotel in the Sacred Valley and the Pueblo Hotel in Aguas Calientes. In any case this trip made us dream again of future South American holidays and therefore certainly a recommendation for Peru Travels Online.

Anna Rosenbush (New York)

What a great company!! My husband and I can't say enough great things about these guys. We took a trip to Peru and Argentina last year with SATO. We had heard about them from a friend, but still weren't sure that we wanted to do something online. Seppe was great, though, and helped us choose where to go and when would be the best time of year. We booked our flights ourselves, but when we had some delays, Seppe helped us smooth everything out and we didn't lose any of our reservations. We loved our trip - highly recommend this agency to other people looking for a fabulous vacation!!

Nancy & Luiz Mattos (California)

Seppe was the best trip organizer we had ever deal with. He constantly communicated with us with updated info. The trip itinerary was very clear and accurately posted.Thank you, Seppe for our wonderful trip to Peru.

James (San Diego)


Dear Stephen,
Thank you for the follow up after our trip with South America Travels Online. Yes we did really enjoy the trip you organized for us and are excited to get to know more of Peru. Our trip was definitely too short but we are glad to have been able to marvel at our first new world wonder!!! We will of course recommend your services to family and friends (actually we already did).
Thanks again,
James (San Diego)

Eric & Susan, Wisconsin

Hi Seppe,
What a great job you have done for us. When Susan wanted to travel at such late notice to Peru, I thought this would never come through. Nevertheless, thanks to your swift communication and follow up you were able to provide us with a great trip just 5 days before departure. All the hotels we good to great and all guides very friendly. We would also like to thank you and the people from the Casa Andina Hotel for the upgrade you have given us in Puno. We will definitely recommend your company to friends and family.
Adios & all the best,

Bjorn & Jannick, Belgium


Dear SATO,
Being a lifetime dream to get to know Peru and especially Machu Picchu, In July we finally traveled with South America Travels Online to Peru. Initially we were not really sure about booking a tour online, but the assistance and quick response that we received from Seppe did convince us to go ahead and book. Are we glad we did; from the first pick up till the last drop off everything was organized as planned. All the drivers were very punctual and the guides of good knowledge. During our trip an inconvenience happened at home and SATO was so kind to help us out with the communication. Next stop Chile!!!

Monique Baxter, Toronto

Dear Seppe,

Just a quick email to let you know that Bob and I really enjoyed the trip you organized for us. We just came back after a long flight from Buenos Aires but are still thinking in Spanish ;) Iguassu was definitely one of the climaxes of the trip and we would specially like to thank you for the hotel recommendation here. My daughter may be interested in doing a tour to Peru and Bolivia, and I will pass her on your email address. Again thank you for everything.

All the best,